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Key Facts
About us
Established in 2016. More than 35 employees.
Projects delivering worldwide.

Lime Consulting is a team of legal professionals, marketing
experts, software engineers and technology enthusiasts.
We are focused on delivering the best ICO and STO consulting
solutions to our clients.

We do everything you need to launch an ICO or STO campaign.
3 weeks for preparation + 2 month for marketing.
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We've elected to put our money
and faith in a mathematical
framework that is free of politics
and human error

Tyler Winklevoss
What we offer
Areas of expertise
Company blogs, listing on ICO trackers, social media marketing, crypto community management, bounty program, targeted marketing and search for advisors
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Technology - Order Book
Multi-currency blockchain wallet in order to accept payments
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Technology - Smart Contracts
Currently we support only ERC20 Ethereum smart contracts, but NEO and Cardano smart contracts support is coming in the upcoming weeks
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Legal documents, token sale legal consulting, legal entity establishment, suitable jurisdiction choice, project audits, escrow provider choice
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Investor Relations
Venture & crypto funds enrollment, pitch and sales representatives, roadshow planning and management, recruitment of international ambassadors
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Don't have funds for your project? We will help!
Seed package — fundraising solution for early stage projects
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Meet our founders
The smartest people work every day to provide the best service and to make our clients happy
Sergey Fedyushchenko
Chief Executive Officer
Tech entrepreneur, startup and venture funds advisor, early days crypto visioner. More than 10 years in IT and business space. Founder of two digital agencies. Passionate about data science, biotech, augmented reality and helping early stage strartups achieve their goals..

Kirill Kravinsky
Chief Technology Officer
With an avid desire for self-perfection in computer science, Kirill has advanced himself in the cutting-edge technologies and trends.

He has been programming for 15+ years and has graduated in Computer Science at Carleton University.

Felix Tseitlin
Chief Operations Officer
Felix is a cryptocurrency investor, cryptoeconomics and blockchain expert. Has 10 years of business experience in a variety of fields and completed dozens of different projects. Expert in strategic planning, international business activity and investor relations.

Anna Ashmarina
Chief Marketing Officer
Serial entrepreneur, business developer, PR professional with 8 years of activity on major markets and focus on fintech.

Marketing director of DataForm digital agency. Early cryptocurrency adopter and blockchain enthusiast.

Ilya Pashkov
Chief Strategy Officer
An entrepreneur and creative technologist with a big passion for innovative technologies & design. More than 15 years of experience in Branding and Design, 10 years of successful work with digital products and startups, 2 years in Blockchain & Crypto.

Ilya Diacov
Customer Discovery
Ilya has diverse experiences with respect to the blockchain, IoT, and AI startups. He is experimental and wants to see what happens when trying different scenarios or experiments, which empowers him to be highly curious, inquisitive and creative.

Our core team
Gina Kim-Park
Director of Business Development
Korean-American from Los Angeles, California, endowed with a Western and Eastern cultural background.

Gina was making international business developing. Her massive business network helps us raise funds and establish proper connections all over the world.
Daniel. Oh
Director of Operations Asia Region
Daniel is our specialist on mobile platforms, translations and B2B sales in the area of Asia.
He has many clients from the leading electronics and IT companies; for example, Samsung and Qualcomm.
He has an extensive network in China, India and Korea so that he can introduce companies to the local companies that are interested in the blockchain field.
Juan Carlos Rivera
Head of Investor Relations
As a business developer, Juan Carlos has the experience to know which collaboration will work best to maximize exposure and marketing dollars.

In recent years most of my concentration has been on augmented/holographic technology, blockchain and creative development.
Vlad Belousov
Investor Relations Specialist
Specialist in International B2B, B2C project management, with 3+ years of successful experience in projects worldwide.

Vlad is passionate about Internet of things and infosec, last years mainly focused on blockchain technologies adoption
Chelsea Ellis
Legal Specialist
Chelsea is currently pursuing her J.D. in Chicago, Illinois. Her blockchain experience includes working at a globally renowned international law firm in Moscow, focusing on cryptocurrency and ICO regulatory compliance. She also has extensive legal experience involving commercial transactional work and civil litigation.
Vlad Muravyev
Chief Business Analyst
Vlad specializes in creating business models
and structured market researches
for tech startups, ICO campaigns,
advertising agencies and consulting
companies. He is responsible for developing
technical projects and
providing business consulting.
Denis Durashkin
Legal Specialist
Denis has more than 15 years of professional experience advising major international companies. Denis' blockchain experience includes compliance advising with security laws in the US and other countries, drafting of private placement memorandum and form "D" SEC notification, professional legal review of white papers, SAFT.
Ilya Pushkin
Director of Operations Japan
His exclusive business network includes
government officials, major tech founders and
venture/crypto investors.
Passionate about Japan from early childhood.
Fluent Japanese speaker (N1).
Lives in Japan for 7 years.
Alina Jelezova
SMM Lead
Alina is doing her studies in International Management and Business in St. Petersburg's Higher School of Economics. She has already had experience with ICO and AI startups. Alina will be happy to answer all your questions any time. She is full of creativity and beliefs that AI would save the world.
Anna Egorova
Chief PR
A digital marketer with thousands of hours of hands-on experience managing performance-based campaigns for multiple platforms, markets and strategies.
Pioneering creative and marketing strategist.
Vadim Nazarov
Data Science Expert
Data science team lead and AI consultant. 6 years of experience in data science and biomedical data analysis. Proponent of systems thinking and interdisciplinary research.
Nikolay Saperov
Crypto Economy Specialist
Economy professor at N2Tutor, Winner of Russia-wide economy Olympiad, and professor at the Higher School of Economics. Nikolay taught economic and financial literacy for 16 years and has coached 100+ winners of Olympiads on the economy.
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Featured projects
BitRent - real estate building platform

BitRent is the first blockchain platform meant to attract commercial and residential property investments at an early stage of construction in order to gain maximum profit by selling and renting out the acquired property. We connect developers with investors.
Key Features
All included
Legal consulting and roadshows are included in the full package
Seed plan
We offer presale "seed" package so that our customers can raise money for STO, ICO or pre-ICO campaigns
Investor relations
We promote your ICO or STO through our investor network

Our office in Korea
30FL ASEM tower, 517

Our office in Russia
Suite 1805, Floor 18
Tower Imperia (Moscow-City),
Moscow, Russia
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