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Your project needs a legal support? We will help!
About Legal Package
Legal Package has everything you need for a successful ICO or STO campaign: written legal documentation, token sale strategy legal consulting, audit by external lawyer, escrow service providers recommendation, establish your legal entity, ongoing legal advice. Our legal partners are the best for the job because: impressing track record of ICO and STO legal consulting, highly involved in the global blockchain community, high profile experts in global corporate law cases

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Turnkey ICO legal solution that lets you focus on the essential part of your project:

To solve a problem.
What are some problems that we can solve?
Lack Of Experience
Most of the corporate legal firms don't have the expertise to provide a proper legal solution.

Our Solution:
Helping the team to understand the difference between security and utility tokens and validate your concept with legal compliance in different jurisdictions
Unstable Market
The legal requirements for ICO or STO campaigns around the globe change dramatically.

Our Solution:

We are working with crypto legal issues everyday - and know everything about regulation changes and how it may affect you project in the future.

Overpriced agency services
The ones that have such expertise offer ridiculous pricing.

Our Solution:

Accessible pricing of the Legal Package. Legal Package cost from 20,000 USD
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What you'll get
Our goal is to deliver value to our client through high quality services
Writing of legal documents
Establish your legal entity
Token sale strategy legal consulting
Ongoing legal advice
Audit by external lawyer
Reviewing all published material for legal compliance.
Escrow service providers recommendation
Protecting Investors and founders rights
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