Learn how to successfully secure your first round of funding, gaining the skills to find and negotiate with investors.
Fundraising & Winning Investors
5-Week Training Program
  • 2 Months of Online Training
  • Access to Investor Contact List
  • Scripts for Investor Cold Outreach
  • Professional Pitch Deck Templates
  • Assignments Reviewed by Expert Curators
Fundraising Academy
by Anna Todd
Anna Todd
Fundraising Consultant, LimeICO Founder, Tech Entrepreneur
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This Fundraising Course is Ideal for Everyone Who Wants to Master the Art of Securing Investment for Businesses:
Startup Founders
For those who seek to secure funding for their innovative ideas and want to learn the essentials of startup financing.
Business Owners
Looking to expand their ventures or launch new projects with effective fundraising strategies.
Fundraising Advisors
Aiming to expand their service range and influence customer behavior through persuasive fundraising strategies.
Who have never written a fundraising pitch but want to learn how to effectively raise funds for their ideas or startups.
Fundraising isn't just about crafting eloquent speeches or pitches, and your previous experience doesn't define your potential
Fundraising is about effectively conveying the significance and value of your project or idea. The simpler and clearer your message, the more impactful and persuasive your fundraising efforts will be.
In just five weeks of training, you will master every aspect of fundraising from scratch
This will range from understanding the psychology behind effective communication to specific algorithms for reaching out to investors and crafting persuasive presentations. For each topic, you will complete practical assignments to solidify your learning and skills.
During the course, you will:
  • Understand how to create compelling pitches and presentations that resonate with investors.
  • Learn to use social media and other platforms to build a network of potential investors and supporters.
  • Master the art of crafting narratives that not only inform but also persuade investors to back your project.
  • You will learn how to increase the fundraising potential of your projects through impactful and persuasive text.
  • Gain expertise in applying psychological principles that can effectively persuade even the most skeptical investors.
  • Understand the art of building long-term relationships with donors and investors, leading to a consistent and reliable funding stream for your ventures.
Among my company's clients:
Hello, I'm Anna Todd
I'm a tech entrepreneur: since 2011, I've been creating, promoting, and scaling businesses online.
Why Choose Our Fundraising Course?
  • Founder of LimeICO: a premier fundraising consultancy in London. Since 2018, we've launched 39 campaigns, raising over 102 million USD. My direct involvement in these campaigns underscores our real-world experience that you'll benefit from in this course.
  • Experienced fundraiser: I specialize in Investor Engagement and Fundraising Strategies at LimeICO. My hands-on approach in these areas has significantly contributed to our clients' success, ensuring practical knowledge forms the basis of our course content.
  • As an entrepreneur, I constantly faced challenges in securing funding for my projects, leading me to start teaching others about effective fundraising strategies.

  • Our client portfolio spans from small startups to large enterprises globally. Regardless of size, each campaign's success contributes to our track record, showcasing the effectiveness of our diverse fundraising strategies.
This course distills LimeICO's proven techniques into an easy-to-understand format. You'll learn the exact methods behind our clients' fundraising successes.
In my company, LimeICO, over the past 6 years:
At LimeICO, we've sent millions of emails, leading to the creation of highly effective email templates designed specifically for engaging investors.
Our team has crafted hundreds of pitch decks, financial models, and pitching scripts that have secured millions of dollars in funding for our clients.
Over the years, we've built an extensive network of over ten thousand venture funds, individual investors, and angel investors.

Thanks to successful fundraising, you will be able to:
  • Catapult Your Business Forward: Imagine your startup thriving with essential seed funding, fueling growth and innovation. It's not just an injection of funds; it's the key to unlocking your business's true potential.
  • Assemble a Dream Team: Think of the brightest minds working for you. With this funding, you can bring aboard industry experts and top talent to skyrocket your startup's progress.
  • Go Global, Think Bigger: Picture your brand crossing borders, reaching new markets and customers worldwide. This funding is your ticket to global business success.
  • Supercharge Your Marketing: Transform your marketing from good to great. With more funds, you can create campaigns that resonate, captivate, and convert, vastly expanding your customer base.
New Updated Fundraising Course
Includes 6 modules, 25 lessons, additional videos, and checklists.
Module 1: Understanding the Fundamentals
  • Day 1: Live zoom with Anna. Course Orientation and Overview of the Fundraising Landscape
  • Day 2: Basics of Fundraising: Terminology, Concepts, and Processes
  • Day 3: Understanding Different Types of Investors and What They Look For
  • Day 4: Identifying Your Funding Needs and Setting Realistic Goals
  • Day 5: Interactive Session: Analyzing Successful Fundraising Case Studies
Results after completing the module
  • Gained a solid understanding of the fundraising ecosystem.
  • Learned key terminology and concepts in fundraising and investment.
  • Developed an ability to identify different types of investors and their criteria.
  • Acquired skills in setting realistic funding goals based on specific project needs.
  • Enhanced analytical skills through studying successful fundraising case studies.
Topic: Introduction to Fundraising and Investment
Module 2: Creating an Engaging Pitch Deck
  • Day 1: The Art of Storytelling in Business Pitches
  • Day 2: Essential Elements of an Effective Pitch Deck
  • Day 3: Workshop: Drafting Your Pitch Deck
  • Day 4: Peer Review and Iteration of Pitch Decks
  • Day 5: QnA Session: A Venture Capitalist’s Perspective on Pitching
Results after completing the module
  • Learned the art of storytelling in the context of business pitching.
  • Developed a persuasive and visually appealing pitch deck.
  • Understood the key elements that capture an investor's interest.
  • Improved pitch deck through peer reviews and iterative refinements.
  • Gained a venture capitalist’s perspective on what makes a pitch successful.
Topic: Designing Your Pitch for Maximum Impact
Module 3: Building Your Financial Model
  • Day 1: Introduction to Financial Modeling and Its Importance
  • Day 2: Key Components of a Successful Financial Model
  • Day 3: Workshop: Developing Your Own Financial Model
  • Day 4: Review and Feedback Session on Financial Models
  • Day 5: QnA Session: Insights from a Financial Expert
Results after completing the module
  • Mastered the basics of financial modeling essential for startups and businesses.
  • Created a comprehensive financial model tailored to your project.
  • Gained insights into the critical components that make a financial model effective.
  • Received personalized feedback to refine your financial model.
Topic: Crafting a Compelling Financial Plan
Module 4: Crafting a High-Converting Landing Page
  • Day 1: Fundamentals of a Successful Landing Page for Fundraising
  • Day 2: Designing Your Landing Page: Message, Branding, and User Experience
  • Day 3: Technical Workshop: Building Your Landing Page
  • Day 4: Integrating Digital Marketing Strategies to Drive Traffic to Your Page
  • Day 5: Workshop: Test and Refine Your Landing Page with Real-Time Feedback
Results after completing the module
  • Gained knowledge on the key elements of an effective fundraising landing page.
  • Created and refined a mock-up of your landing page, ready for real-world application.
  • Hands-on experience in building and setting up a functional landing page.
  • Learned how to integrate digital marketing strategies to attract investors.
Topic: Building an Effective Online Presence for Fundraising
Module 5: Engaging with Investors
  • Day 1: Your First Investors. Places to Find Them and How to Make Contact.
  • Day 2: Communication Skills for Engaging with Investors
  • Day 3: Role-playing: Simulating Investor Meetings
  • Day 4: Negotiation Tactics and Closing the Deal
  • Day 5: Final Presentations and Course Wrap-Up
Results after completing the module
  • Acquired a deep understanding of investor psychology.
  • Enhanced communication skills for effective engagement with investors.
  • Gained experience in investor meetings through role-playing simulations.
  • Learned negotiation tactics to secure favorable investment terms.
  • Successfully presented a comprehensive project pitch to a panel, integrating learnings from the entire course.
Topic: Effective Communication and Negotiation
End of Program: Feedback, Certification, and Networking Event
Module 6: Bonus Module
Bonus Materials:

  • Investor Contact List: A curated list of potential investors, including angel investors and venture capitalists, tailored to various industries.
  • Pitch Deck Template: A customizable template for creating compelling pitch decks, with examples from successful startups.
  • Financial Model Spreadsheet: An Excel template for financial projections and budgeting, with instructions and examples.
  • Email Templates for Investor Outreach: Pre-written email templates for initial contact and follow-up with potential investors.
  • Checklist for Fundraising: A checklist covering essentials for startups during the fundraising process.
  • E-book on Effective Networking: A guide to building and nurturing relationships with potential investors and business partners.
Results after completing the module
  • Have a professionally designed pitch deck at your fingertips, tailored to impress investors.
  • Access a curated selection of potential investors, perfectly aligned with your industry, ready for outreach.
  • Utilize a detailed financial model template, simplifying your budgeting and forecasting process.
  • Email templates for initial contacts and follow-ups.
Your BONUS for Reviewing the Fundraising Course
What's the Learning Process Like?
Platform Login
All lessons are conducted on a special online platform.
You watch video lessons and study additional materials — books, checklists, guides.
You complete assignments and submit them for feedback, which you'll receive within three days.
Next Lesson
Gain access to the next lesson.
You can complete the course at your own pace or purchase now and take it later, as access to all materials is granted for a year. But don't delay, so you can see results faster.

During each stage of the course, you'll be supported by curators:
  • They review your assignments.
  • Provide feedback.
  • Answer questions if anything is unclear.
  • Share opportunities in our community chat.
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How Much Does It Cost to Secure Vital Funding and Attract a Lineup of Investors?
Basic Plan
No Assignments Support
£ 699

  • 25 lessons with step-by-step instructions and homework assignments.
  • 1-year access to all materials for refreshing your knowledge at any time.
  • Checklists and guides used by Anna Todd's team.
  • Homework assignments reviewed by curators.
  • Access to a private chat with students and curators to ensure you stay on track and complete the course.
  • Personal account on an online platform, enabling learning from anywhere in the world.
Premium Plan
Your Fundraising Campaign Led by LimeICO
  • All Pro Plan Features: Includes everything from the Pro Plan.
  • Personal Mentorship: Weekly one-on-one mentorship sessions with Anna Todd or a senior team member.
  • Access to Exclusive Investor Network: Get introduced to a network of potential investors.
  • Customized Fundraising Strategy: Personalized strategy development for your project.
  • Post-Course Support: 3 months of post-course support and consultation.
  • VIP Community Access: Access to a VIP community of high-achieving entrepreneurs and alumni.
  • In-Person Networking Events: Invitations to exclusive LimeICO networking events (travel and lodging not included).