Transform Your Investor Outreach in Just 5 Days
Discover why investors ignore your emails and how to secure your first funding.
course overview
Mastering Investor Outreach: 5-Day Mini-Course
This intensive 5-day course is designed to unravel the secrets behind successful investor outreach. Learn the common mistakes in cold emails, understand what investors are really looking for, and master the techniques to get noticed and funded.
During This Mini-Course You Will:
Understand Investor Psychology:
  • Learn what investors seek in cold emails.
  • Outcome: Avoid common pitfalls and increase email open rates by 30%.
Craft the Perfect Pitch:
  • Techniques to create engaging and concise pitches.
  • Outcome: Double the chances of a response from investors.
Get Email Templates that Work:
  • Access and customize high-conversion email templates.
  • Outcome: Achieve a 40% higher response rate using proven templates.
Build a Targeted Investor List:
  • Strategies to identify and connect with the right investors.
  • Outcome: Create a tailored investor list, enhancing funding opportunities.
Get Follow-Up Strategies and Securing Meetings:
  • Effective follow-up tactics that lead to meetings.
  • Outcome: Increase the number of investor meetings by 50%.
Our Clients' Results Speak For Themselves:
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About Our Experience:
LimeICO - a premier fundraising consultancy in London. Since 2017, we've launched 39 campaigns, raising over 102 million USD.

Our client portfolio spans from small startups to large enterprises globally. Regardless of size, each campaign's success contributes to our track record, showcasing the effectiveness of our diverse fundraising strategies.

This Consultation distills LimeICO's proven techniques into an easy-to-understand format. You'll learn the exact methods behind our clients' fundraising successes.
In LimeICO, over the past 6 years:
At LimeICO, we've sent millions of emails, leading to the creation of highly effective email templates designed specifically for engaging investors.
Our team has crafted hundreds of pitch decks, financial models, and pitching scripts that have secured millions of dollars in funding for our clients.
Over the years, we've built an extensive network of over ten thousand venture funds, individual investors, and angel investors.

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