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How It All Began
Initial Exchange Offering represent a completely new frontier for the world of cryptocurrencies. The precedent for IEO was created by the world's largest exchange, Binance. At the end of 2017, Binance Launchpad appeared, a platform for creating tokens, which allowed selling new cryptocurrencies directly from the exchange.

After that, IEO faded a bit, and many forgot what IEO is, but Binance's recent initiative to release more cryptocurrencies directly from its platform has generated considerable interest from investors from around the world.

Binance Launchpad recently completed two IEOs - Fetch and BitTorrent, the latter of which has since grown by 600% since its initial price. These return on investment (ROI) indicators instantly added IEO to each investor's watch list.
initial coin offering VS Initial exchange offering
Difference between
At first glance, the difference between ICO and IEO may seem insignificant. We have seen a similar practice with ICO: projects issuing tokens and raise funds by selling them. What is so special about when the crypto exchange sells them instead?
The essential difference is that the coin is immediately sold on the exchange platform. Ask any investor what is the worst part of participating in an ICO, and he will say that it is uncertain whether a token will appear on a reputable exchange. The vast majority of ICOs take months to hit a large stock exchange and distribute their tokens, which reinforces dissatisfaction with the ICO model.

On the Binance Launchpad, upcoming IEOs are announced, and the token is available in the order of receipt. After the hardcap (fundraising ceiling) is reached, the sale will be completed, and investors will be able to immediately exchange the token on the Binance exchange.
Although IEOs represent an intermediary for the decentralized fundraising model, they also give investors a strong sense of confidence with participation. Due to the fact that many ICOs turned out to be a scam, investors no longer trust them. Through partnership with reliable exchanges, promising projects will gain much-needed authority.

Another difference is that ICOs usually issue their tokens after funding is completed. During the IEO, projects issue tokens and send them to the exchange right away.

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IEO Checklist
Make sure that you have all the materials to be listed on the exchange.
Financial Model
Tokenomics, soft cap and hard cap scenario, market size estimation, revenue forecast for 3-5 years, detailed costs calculations, CF, NPV, DPP
Investor Deck
Pitch Deck helps to answer key questions
any seed investor has and can be used as a basis for the White Paper creation.
White Paper
Problem & solution, target audience, product features, technology, competitive landscape, market size and potential, tokenomics, roadmap
Your goal is to make IEO / crypto related websites that are both futuristic and informative.
Basic PR & Marketing
LimeICO Consulting carefully chooses the optimal PR & Marketing strategy to maximise the results of your IEO campaign.
Core Team & Advisors
Be ready to pass the KYC before you will be listed on the platform.
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