Consultation With LimeICO Founder
Anna Todd
Every entrepreneur dreams of finding that 'magic bullet'—a way to effortlessly attract investors, become a leader in their niche, and resolve common startup challenges like finding seed funding, navigating investor networks, and developing a sustainable business model.

Imagine, your startup suddenly becomes a leading contender, attracting significant investments...

Yet, every attempt to find this 'magic bullet' often leads to more confusion, with an overload of "tricks" that don't deliver results.

You wished for a simple solution, right?

To address emerging challenges, restore your startup's financial health, have a consistent growth plan, and fix all issues at once, so your business runs smoothly and never falters.

If you're familiar with these relentless struggles... Chances are, you've been trapped by the complexities and trends of the startup world.

There's good news and bad news. The bad news first:

Globally, there's no actual 'magic bullet'...

What exists is a clear system of actions that consistently yields results. Implementing it takes months, or even years. So, it's not a quick fix.
The good news? A consultation can be your 'magic bullet' in the moment.

Why do I call a consultation a 'magic bullet'? Because in a focused 1.5-hour session, we'll precisely tackle your issue.

A consultation is like a 'magic wrench' fixing the specific part of your startup that's malfunctioning... Putting your project back on the track to growth.

Saving you thousands in wasted efforts on ineffective funding strategies,

Hundreds of thousands in exploring and validating new business models.

Months in implementing new directions,

And the stress of managing critical roles like fundraising or business development in your business.

A consultation with me isn't just advice; it's the key to unlocking your startup's potential.
What Questions to Bring to the Consultation:

  • Uncertainty about how to start fundraising.
You have a promising idea, relevant experience, and opportunities.

But, you're unsure of the first steps in fundraising. How to strategically plan and prioritize actions to successfully launch your fundraising campaign.

What aspects to focus on initially to avoid common pitfalls. How to position your startup in relation to investors? What factors to consider? Who is your ideal investor, and who is most likely to invest.

  • Struggling to engage investors effectively.
If you need advice on why your investor pitches or fundraising events aren't yielding results, Why potential investors lose interest and how to refine your pitch or presentation strategy.

Guidance on crafting compelling investment offers and effective investor outreach strategies.

  • Overinvesting in ineffective fundraising channels.
We'll quickly identify why your current fundraising efforts are costly yet ineffective.

We'll evaluate your fundraising channels, advising which to focus on and which to reconsider.

I'll provide a specific action plan that will enable you to revamp your fundraising approach immediately, attracting investors more efficiently and cost-effectively.

  • Reaching a fundraising plateau and unsure how to scale.
We'll formulate a plan for scaling your fundraising efforts without diminishing returns. The necessary steps to significantly increase your startup's funding over the next three months.

We'll develop a detailed, step-by-step fundraising strategy, giving you a solid foundation for each move towards your financial goals. (Even if you're in a niche market or solely rely on targeted investor networks.)

  • Starting a project and constantly wondering: "Am I on the right path?"
"Having a general understanding of launches, funnels, and lead generation, but never implemented them"

We'll analyze what you've done so far and optimize your efforts to maximize net profit instantly. To reach a point where you're no longer worried about finances and can focus on growth.

  • Developing a product or its concept, unsure of its relevance or demand.
I'll help you refine or pivot your product concept early, saving hundreds of thousands in marketing and packaging costs.

I'll guide you on the right direction for your viable product, how to market it, to whom and how to sell it. Which funnel will work best and what metrics to expect for this product.

  • Having various hypotheses about fundraising strategies, audience, or product.
We'll conduct a rigorous 'defense' session, challenging your hypotheses to avoid unrealistic expectations. I'll give you a reality check in 1.5 hours, so reality doesn't do it harshly later.

In the end, you'll have one robust hypothesis, which we'll detail step-by-step. From start - to implementation - to financial outcomes.

  • If you're working with an existing investor base or launching a crowdsale campaign.
We'll lay out the key principles for successfully managing your investor base from A to Z. Leaving you with a checklist for any situation...

How to manage your potential investor base. Building strong, long-term, and most importantly, financial relationships with them.

After the consultation, you'll be confident that your issue will be resolved, and your project's growth will continue. We'll dissect it and create an action plan to address it, without mistakes, unnecessary actions, or guesswork.
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About Our Experience:
LimeICO - a premier fundraising consultancy in London. Since 2018, we've launched 39 campaigns, raising over 102 million USD.

Our client portfolio spans from small startups to large enterprises globally. Regardless of size, each campaign's success contributes to our track record, showcasing the effectiveness of our diverse fundraising strategies.

This Consultation distills LimeICO's proven techniques into an easy-to-understand format. You'll learn the exact methods behind our clients' fundraising successes.
In LimeICO, over the past 6 years:
At LimeICO, we've sent millions of emails, leading to the creation of highly effective email templates designed specifically for engaging investors.
Our team has crafted hundreds of pitch decks, financial models, and pitching scripts that have secured millions of dollars in funding for our clients.
Over the years, we've built an extensive network of over ten thousand venture funds, individual investors, and angel investors.


  • The duration of the consultation is 1.5 hours.
  • It takes place via a Zoom call.
  • The cost is £290.
  • As a bonus for the consultation, you will receive Guide to Successful Fundraising: Detailed analyses of successful fundraising campaigns, highlighting key strategies and tactics.
But, before you apply, I ask you to answer these 4 questions:
If you could save £5,000 pounds on refining your investor outreach strategy
And received actionable steps to effectively engage and attract investors.
(Would it be worth £290?)

If you could avoid wasting £10,000-20,000 pounds and precious months on ineffective roadshows and investor dinners or pursuing uninterested investors
Thus preventing burnout and frustration.
(Would it be worth £290?)

Imagine having a tailored plan that revitalizes your fundraising efforts, potentially increasing your startup's funding by millions
or significantly improving your approach to investor relations.
(Would it be worth £290?)

What if you could raise funds more simply and effectively without an extra cost?
Without spending money on expensive fundraisers that don't bring any results.
(Would it be worth £290?)

For 290 pounds, you're not just investing in time savings of 1-3 months and avoiding up to 30,000 pounds in trial-and-error costs. You're bridging the knowledge gap that stands between you and successful fundraising.

As a special bonus, you will receive "An exclusive eBook on Advanced Fundraising Strategies," worth 100 pounds. This book offers deep insights and proven tactics for successful fundraising across various industries, a vital tool for startups determined to excel in attracting investments.

You'll also receive my mini-course on Case Studies of Successful Fundraisings: Detailed analyses of successful fundraising campaigns, highlighting key strategies and tactics, valued at 340 pounds, which will empower you to confidently negotiate and secure better terms with investors.
So, the main question...

Is all this worth £290?

If yes, then:
Contact me on WhatsApp +44 7922 760931

  1. I'm interested in the consultation.
  2. My specific request/question for the consultation.
  3. Link to your startup/project.
  4. How much money you need to fundraise