Want to launch your own ICO?

Learn how to do it in 4 easy steps — develop your token idea, project features and other ICO essentials
Step 1 :
Step 1 :
Token Idea and Financial Model
Deep analysis, preparation of draft materials, brainstorming
Step 2 :
Project Concept
Step 2 :
Project Concept
Presentation / Pitch Deck / One-Pager
Finalizing Pitch Deck, Investor FAQ, validation with venture / crypto funds
Step 3 :
Seed Stage
Step 3 :
Seed Stage
Investment Relations
Fundraising budget needed for Pre-ICO campaign using just Seed Plan deliverables (Financial / Tokenomic Model and Pitch Deck).
Step 4 :
Step 4 :
Website / Smart Contract / Investor Dashboard
The last step before launching tour crowdsale campaign
Step 1
Token Idea and
Financial Model
This is the very first step for projects that only have the initial idea, but are looking to execute their vision.
Key parts of the Financial Model
  • Tokenomics
  • Market size estimation
  • P&L forecast for 3-5 years
  • nteractive formulas for modeling different scenarios of traction
  • Ability to choose soft cap, medium cap or hard cap scenario
  • Detailed costs calculations
  • Investment metrics (CF, NPV, DPP)
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Value of Financial Model for an ICO project
Investors often request revenue and costs projections from startups
Looks professional and contributes to the good impression
Allows to add slides on financials and market size for pitch deck & white paper
Write to us if you want to see more Financial Models examples
Your name
Step 2
Pitch Deck &
White Paper
Project presentation with content & design
Key slides of the Pitch Deck
  • Problem & Solution
  • Target audience
  • Product features
  • Technology (incl. blockchain)
  • Competitive landscape
  • Market size and potential
  • Tokenomics & ICO parameters
  • Financials
  • Roadmap
  • Team & Advisors

Value of Pitch Deck for an ICO project
Pitch Deck helps to answer key questions any seed investor has
Shorter than White Paper - easier to understand the main project features
Pitch Deck can be used as a basis for the White Paper creation
Need help with your Pitch Deck / White paper?
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Step 3
Investor Relations
Initial contact & communication support
Initial contacts with
We have direct contact with 2000+ of in-
vestors: business angels, pools and syn-
dicates, VC funds, crypto funds and fam-
ily offices. We leverage our network with
these investors to schedule meetings and
conference calls for you.
Project presentation
We participate in all meetings and calls
with potential investors to support your
team in negotiations. Before each meeting, we brief you with possible questions and help you prepare for possibilities so that you can craft the right answers. After meetings we provide detailed feedback and recommendations on how to improve your performance.
We take care of all stages of roadshow.
We make sure you are aware of key events
in all major crypto destinations, arrange
your participation and manage logistics
and accommodation. We
can also join you in any event to help you
approach key investors.
Step 4
The last step before launching the campaign
That's it!
After these 4 easy steps you are ready to run your first private fundraising campaign. When your Seed Round will be over - you will be ready for the next step:
PR & Marketing Campaign
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