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About IR Package
Our Investor Relations package is comprehensive, and contains everything that you might need when it comes to successful fundraising: research of investment/crypto funds, feedback analysis of these funds, forming the right document packages and presentations that can satisfy fund requirements, professional sales pitch representative participation, and more. We know how to raise money for your project, and make your project more appealing to institutional investors. As ICO/STO consultants, our mission is to detect critical errors, aid with market research, and assist with funding throughout all stages.
Fundraising Process
Introduction to Our Investor Network
Email Marketing and Direct Sales
Private Investor Dinner Events
What you'll get
Connection with 2500+ crypto investors through our network
Professional fundraisers working with you project daily
Proper funding to start a solid ICO campaign
Full developed project concept based on current situation in the crypto economics
Proper pitch deck and presentation materials to start working on website and whitepaper
Feedback from top crypto management pointing weak and strong sides of the project
Business market and competitor analysis, product research, audience research, economic model, tokenomic model, branding and logo, pitch deck
Free consultation on what steps needed to run an ICO campaign
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About us
Operating from the end of 2016
Offices in the USA, UK, and South Korea
More than 40 employees in-house and 45+ outsource
20 successful projects + 8 projects live
What are some problems that we can solve?
ICOs do require funding in all areas, whether it's development, marketing, or attracting the right talent. If one overlooks one or all of these areas, it could cause irreparable damage to the project.

Our Solution:
We ensure that through our network connections and with our expertise; we find the right funding for you in as soon as a week!
Undeveloped Projects
Unfortunately, there are many companies that fail, that might not receive the same attention and exposure as successful ICOs. Unfortunately, too many projects rely on data that isn't complete within the context of the market.

Our Solution:

We work hard to develop all relevant analytics, metrics, and data, to
come up with a comprehensive look at your project. This includes looking at market research, understanding the competition, product and pricing analysis, and developing the right token and business model, as well.
Overpriced Agency Services
The cryptocurrency space is very "trendy" right now, which unfortunately means that there are many agencies exaggerating their services and capabilities, and overcharging as a result.

Our Solution:
We offer extremely competitive and reasonable pricing when it comes to
our investor relations packages, and pride ourselves on delivering concrete results.
More than 20 successful projects in 2 years
We know that this is a new industry with emerging technologies, so many companies don't know quite how to maneuver or navigate the space. The truth is that launching a campaign can not only be costly, but could also lead to legal issues if all aspects of the project are not taken into consideration. Even many who are well-versed with fundraising might not fully be equipped when it comes to crypto fundraising, but we are, and we are ready to assist you.

We do everything you need to launch a fundraising campaign.
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Features list
Investment funds / crypto funds research
Roadshow event planning / management
Feedback analysis from venture/crypto fund management
International ambassadors recruitment
Forming document packages that satisfy specific fund requirements
Event participation
Professional sales pitch representative participation in the relevant events
Advisors search
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