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Our marketing package has everything you need to run an ICO/STO campaign: media publications, company blog, listing on trackers, marketing on social media, crypto community management, bounty and airdrops campaigns, targeting marketing and an advisors search. The number of ICOs being launched in increasing every day and the right team can help your ICO or STO to succeed. We're that team.
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PR and Marketing Essentials
Community Development
  • Crypto Forums
  • Bounty Programs
  • Social Media (Telegram, Medium, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)
  • Community management

Growth Hacking
  • Community Growth (Telegram, Bitcoin Talk)
  • Grassroot marketing to promote chats
  • Hidden Marketing
  • Referral Program, AirDrops

Public Relations
  • Top-notch business media (Forbes, HuffPost,, VentureBeat)
  • Blockchain outlets
  • Global PR

  • Around 150 platforms
  • Reviews, featuring to increase visibility
  • Agency 'wholesale' discounts

  • Working relationships with relevant influencers on YouTube, Blogs, Twitter
  • Better response rate and prices than for individual projects

This is a new industry, and a lot of companies do not know where to start with an ICO. Launching marketing campaign is a costly process, and could lead to unexpected results. Founders need to do thorough research before starting the token sale. Investor relations are not easy to establish, and even people with success history in raising VC, could fail to do so when it comes to crypto industry.
What are some problems that we can solve?
Lack Of Time
The ICO market is overwhelming and the price to start a new campaign increases each day. In order to work efficiently with a tight schedule to run the successful ICO you would need to rent office space, hire employees, and develop a product. Usually that process takes at least six months

Our Solution:
Within two weeks of applying to our agency the tailor made marketing campaign for your ICO will start
Lack Of Experience
Huge amounts of ICOs enter the market and ends up a failure. The crypto fundraising market is different from the market of venture capital fundraising and because special expertise is needed to properly market a new ICO in this niche crypto industry

Our Solution:

Our marketing professionals have worked in the crypto industry since 2016 and have already accomplished dozens of projects
Overpriced agency services
Established agencies charge astronomical prices and fail to keep up with basic industry standard. ROI of the marketing activities lower every month. Low-effective and overpriced ,arketing services delivered by the most agencies on the modern market.

Our Solution:

Accessible pricing of the Marketing and PR Package. We only offer the most effective ways to run a crowdsale or private sale for you token generation event.
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What you get
Opinion Leaders Relations
Bitcointalk, Bitcoingarden, and other crypto forums management
Articles in in related tech/crypto/startup media, Features in related media to get logos for the project's website, Paid posts in crypto media, Ad buying in crypto media
ICO listings submission, Upgrading them to increase visibility (premium, gold, platinum, etc), ICO listing reviews
ICO Community Resources: Creating and maintaining accounts required to launch a thread, Thread creation and updating, Signature campaigns, Running discussions to push a thread higher in an ANN topic
Telegram: Creating and managing chats and channels, Content development, Community management, Ad buying in relevant channels
Facebook: Facebook page strategy creation, Content planning and posting, Hidden marketing in relevant Facebook groups (about 250)
Instagram, Reddit, YouTube: Creating the relevant social media strategies, Content planning and posting, Influencers / video bloggers program
Twitter: Twitter account strategy creation, Content planning and posting, Following, re-tweeting, chatting with crypto, media, and other relevant opinion leaders.
Medium: Blog creation, Writing and posting stories, Promotion in publications.c
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Operating from the end of 2016
Offices in the USA and South Korea
More than 40 employees in-house and 45+ outsource
16 successful project + 12 projects live
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