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We will guide your campaign — more than 30 successful ICO, STO, IEO projects since 2017

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Your project needs effective

We will guide your campaign — more than 30 successful ICO, STO, IEO projects since 2017

PR and marketing strategy?
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We handle marketing and PR, so you can focus on your business. Our modern marketing package is multi-faceted and includes everything that one might need to run a successful ICO / STO / IEO campaign: media publications, company blog, listing on ICO / STO / IEO trackers, social media marketing, crypto community management, bounty/airdrop campaigns, targeted marketing, and advisor search/outreach. Every day, there are more ICO, STO, IEO campaigns, and you have to stand out more than ever.
PR and Marketing Essentials
Community Development
  • Crypto Forums
  • Bounty Programs
  • Social Media (Discord, Telegram, Medium, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)
  • Community management
Growth Hacking
  • Community Growth (Discord, Telegram, Bitcoin Talk)
  • Grassroot marketing to promote chats
  • Hidden Marketing
  • Referral Program, AirDrops
Public Relations
  • Top-notch business media (Forbes, HuffPost,, VentureBeat)
  • Blockchain outlets
  • Global PR

  • Around 150 platforms
  • Reviews, featuring to increase visibility
  • Agency 'wholesale' discounts

  • Working relationships with relevant influencers on YouTube, Blogs, Twitter
  • Better response rate and prices than for individual projects

And More!
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This industry is brand new territory, which is why there is so much tremendous growth potential. There are many companies that truly don't understand the mechanics of an ICO. A marketing campaign is one of the most important steps in a campaign, and it can be costly, both in terms of brand reputation and financially. The cryptocurrency industry is an insular one, and it's important to understand exactly how to navigate it in order to optimize the results of your marketing campaign.
We do everything you need to launch an ICO / STO / IEO marketing campaign.
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What are some problems that we can solve?
Lack Of Time
The ICO market is absolutely exhausting, and it is costing more to launch a campaign and target potential investors every day. A successful ICO campaign can mean a tremendous amount of money needs to be spent very quickly, and this requires a lot of overheard. For example, you would need to rent out office space, hire employees, and that's before you even started researching and developing a product.

Our Solution:
We can solve all of this for you by starting your campaign marketing ASAP, doing within two weeks what might otherwise take you up to six months!
Lack Of Experience
Every industry is different, but the cryptocurrency fundraising market is even more different than traditional finance markets in every way. There's different trends, attitudes, and principles. You have to make sure that you are partnered with someone who has cryptocurrency expertise.

Our Solution:

We have a proven track record of successful fundraising for dozens of projects, and have worked deep within the crypto space since 2016.
Overpriced Agencies
There are plenty of agencies who are looking to cash in based on the interest in the space, and are willing to overpromise their clients and under-deliver, because they are more focused on the short-term profit of charging astronomical prices rather than adhering to a certain standard.

Our Solution:

We, on the other hand, offer the most effective and affordable services possible to run a crowdsale or private sale for your token.
What you'll get
  • Opinion Leaders Relations. Posts about the project by telegram crypto influencers, Video reviews by YouTube crypto bloggers, Twitter posts by crypto influencers
  • Discord, TheBitcoinForum, and other crypto forums management. Creating accounts and threads, updating threads with the project's news
  • Articles in in related tech/crypto/startup media, Features in related media to get logos for the project's website, Paid posts in crypto media, Ad buying in crypto media
  • ICO listings submission, Upgrading them to increase visibility (premium, gold, platinum, etc), ICO listing reviews
  • ICO Community Resources: Creating and maintaining accounts required to launch a thread, Thread creation and updating, Signature campaigns, Running discussions to push a thread higher in an ANN topic
  • Telegram: Creating and managing chats and channels, content development, Community management, Ad buying in relevant channels
  • Facebook: Facebook page strategy creation, Content planning and posting, Hidden marketing in relevant Facebook groups (about 250)
  • Instagram, Reddit, YouTube: Creating the relevant social media strategies, Content planning and posting, Influencers / video bloggers program
  • Twitter: Twitter account strategy creation, Content planning and posting, Following, re-tweeting, chatting with crypto, media, and other relevant opinion leaders
  • Medium: Blog creation, Writing and posting stories, promotion in publications, content planning and posting
More than 35 successful projects in 5 years!
  • Bank4you
    Online money transfers across the globe without a need in opening a bank account
  • Game Protocol
    Game Protocol allows game fans to fund developers and benefit from their success.
  • Bitrent
    Platform to attract commercial property investments at an early stage of construction
  • Tradelize
    An ecosystem where ProTraders gain a unique trading toolset and investors achieve investment results equal to those of the best ProTraders
  • Wizebit
    WizeBox encrypt its user's information, ensuring that a third party isn't able to exploit, mishandle, or leverage a person's data.
  • Placetorent
    A Decentralized Global Residential and Commercial Rental Platform
  • Tap Coin
    A decentralized platform for consumer rewards and brand insights
  • Cryptfunder
    Decentralized Funding Source for the Crypto Community, Startup ICO's and Blockchain Companies.
  • Ghostdrive
    Anonymous Biometric Storage Solution - blockchain data storage, encryption, and file sharing.
  • Fairspace
    SpaceNet provides global internet access via LEO satellites agglomerate.
  • KYC Legal
    Service that allows to verify users and to prevent fraud.
  • Cocana
    Hotels and resorts chain based in Indonesia
  • Block.Fund
    Real estate crypto fund based in Budapest
  • Motu the Fifth
    Real estate fund based in Manhatten
  • Audio Vaccine
    The first app to prevent hearing loss
  • Biterra capital
  • VeCap
    IoT security solution based on blockchain
  • INFI
  • Indoluxe
  • Canthera
    Is a manufacturer of cannabinoid-based luxury cosmetics based in Monaco
  • Netcare
    Fund that helps families to save money for education
  • Cardmap
    A solution for the travel-experience market using AR and gamification
    to engage users
  • Petnow
    PETNOW — ecosystem for pet community
  • Homenoir
    Members' club provide space for innovation, inspiration, engagement and fun for our community.
  • Coreto
    The social platform where ICO experts will share high-quality content that will help people to invest more efficiently in the blockchain projects.
  • Kryo.Cloud
    A blockchain-based platform for cloud computing with a primary focus on deep learning.
  • OLM
    A company that own and manage real estate assets in Sweden according to market needs
  • Aurix
    Stablecoin backed-up by gold and a trading platform
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We are the only company in the crypto market using the Venture Capital approach.
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