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About Roadshows Travel Package:
We take care of all aspects of your roadshow when it comes to your project. This includes making sure that your team is aware of key events in all cryptocurrency-focused cities that could be strategically utilized to your advantage. We can even join you at the event to help you network and approach key investors, as well.
What you'll get
Our goal is to deliver value to our client through high quality services
Connection with 2500+ crypto investors through our network
Professional fundraisers working with you project daily
Proper funding to start a solid ICO campaign
Fully developed project concepts based on the current economics of the crypto market
Proper pitch deck and presentation materials to start working on your website and whitepaper
Feedback from top crypto funds experts who can point out the parts of your project that are strong and those that are weak
Business marketing, competitor analysis, product and audience research, economic models, tokenomic models, branding, logos, and pitch decks
Free consultation on what steps needed to run an ICO campaign
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What are some problems that we can solve?
Lack of Project Funding
While some essential parts for an ICO campaign can be done for free, others require immense amounts of month. Skipping expensive portions, like marketing, can catastrophically diminish the chances for a successful ICO

Our Solution:
We work with our investor network to represent your project. Our professional fundraisers find investments for your project with a week!
Undeveloped Projects
Many ICOs start up just to end up in failure. Consulting agencies end up making ICOs based on the founders data, but then fail to do the proper research

Our Solution:

We help you to develop your idea, prepare all analytics, and prepare all documents. Documents may include market research, business model, token model, and product analysis
Overpriced Agency Services
Established agencies charge astronomical prices, while failing to keep up with their own standards

Our Solution:

Accessible pricing of the Roadshows Package. We only offer the most effective ways to run a crowdsale or private sale for you token generation event.
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About us

Operating from the end of 2016
Offices in the USA, UK, and South Korea
More than 40 employees in-house and 45+ outsource
20 successful project + 8 projects live
LimeICO Consulting:

When you work with us, it means that you have access to an extensive network of investors, venture capital firms, and crypto funds that are interested in our projects. We can not only help you connect with them, but can give you tips as to how to help get your project off the ground. If your budget permits, we can even provide you with IR managers to help you with regards to fundraising and developing an investor community. We personally suggest that you attend multiple road shows during both your pre-sale and pre-ICO stages.

While one can choose any particular region to target, LimeICO Consulting suggests South Korea, because it is one of the most favorable cryptocurrency hubs in the world right now in terms of investment. Regardless, whether you choose to focus on Asia or Europe - we have a team of speakers that could aid you with regards to your roadshow presence.
More than 20 successful projects in 2 years
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