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About Smart Contracts
Smart Contract is a self-executing contractual agreement that works within a blockchain. A smart contract defines the terms and conditions agreed-upon parties. The contract is located in the blockchain and can't be changed – this is a way for users to be reaffirmed with the results. In addition to the applicability and mass-adoption of the blockchain technology; we provide personalised smart contract solutions for ICOs . With the applicability and mass-adoption of the blockchain tchnology
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What kinds of problems do we solve?
Developer Needed
You need to find and hire an experienced software developer. Additionally, his work must be audited by an external specialist

Our Solution:
We integrate our code into your platform effortlessly and quickly. All of our smart contracts are verified and secured
Agencies include the cost of deployment and execution, which can be expensive

Our Solution:

Our price can be three times cheaper because of our smart contracts developing experience. That allow us to re-use their most common sections, which drives down cost
Not Universal
Often Bitcoins and other currencies not supported because smart contacts based on Ethereum only

Our Solution:

We plan and implement LTC and BTC support (coming 2018)
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Features list
Smart contracts are written with best practice
Thoroughly tested – 100% test coverage
KYC integration to minimize legal risks in regards to anonymous payments
Smart contracts audits
Smart contracts connection to existing applications API
Create and manage smart contracts
Contract code that is modularizable and reusable across different projects, all variables then are parametrised and there are no hardcoded values or "magic numbers"
Well documented
Emergency stop: Stopping the transactions in case there was an issue in the contract that was noticed post-deploy
Built-in refund and minimum funding goal to protect investors
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Operating from the end of 2016
Offices in the USA and South Korea
More than 40 employees in-house and 45+ outsource
16 successful project + 12 projects live
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