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About the WP package
For ICO and STO projects, it is essential to have white papers that are both written professionally while still clear enough to explain concepts to the reader.

Lime ICO has expertise and experience in the whitepaper space that our clients use to their advantage. We also ensure that our whitepapers are designed a specific way for maximum readability, as well.
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Pre-ico stage
White Paper
For well-developed projects
Key slides of the WP
  • Problem & Solution
  • Target audience
  • Product features
  • Technology (incl. blockchain)
  • Competitive landscape
  • Market size and potential
  • Tokenomics & ICO parameters
  • Financials
  • Roadmap
  • Team & Advisors
Our Principles On Crafting Whitepapers
Powerful writing
We create whitepapers that are easy to read, so that the investor doesn't feel lost or confused. Our texts are clear, well-structured and impactful. We do not include "fluff" text that end up being forgotten, or text that is meaningless or vague.
Solid arguments
We pride ourselves in backing up our claims with concrete data, rather than making claims that cannot be substantiated. We take the time to research as much as possible, before putting forth our argument in the clearest and most logical way we can.
High digestibility
Ultimately, it takes more than text to catch the eye and present information - so we design our whitepapers to ensure that the reader is fully absorbed in our data, and immersed in the information, while being able to take away the key points through our unique layouts.
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Value of Whitepaper
This is extremely important information to the prospective investor, and there are many projects that fail at this crucial step. There are whitepapers that might boast that they have a great project, without the research actually proving their case.
More than 20 successful projects in 2 years
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