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For ICO and STO projects it is crucial to have professionally written and structured document that explains the main project concept.
This is an important input for investors and it is quite easy to mess things up here.
A lot of White Papers claim that their concept is great, but do not prove it with well-researched numbers. We have a great expertise in research that suppors all key arguments in White Paper. Also, we put a lot of efforts to design every page in the most professional and unique style to enhance readabilty.
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Pre-ico stage
White Paper
For well-developed projects
Key slides of the WP
  • Problem & Solution
  • Target audience
  • Product features
  • Technology (incl. blockchain)
  • Competitive landscape
  • Market size and potential
  • Tokenomics & ICO parameters
  • Financials
  • Roadmap
  • Team & Advisors
Our principles of crafting White Papers
Powerful writing
We create white papers which are easy to read. Our texts
are clear, simple and well-structured. We don't use any meaningless and vague phrases.
Solid arguments
We do not claim anything important without providing
supporting data. To do this, we do a great deal of research and prove all arguments in the most logical and convincing way.
High digestibility
We put a lot of efforts in design of each page to make
sure it is not just a bunch of text. Every page has unique layout, minimal amounts of text and highlighted key points.
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